Mobile AdVert (MA) was started by Urgent Couriers, NZ’s leading point-to-point courier service. Urgent Couriers saw the opportunity to provide a unique media product leveraging its existing core competencies;

  • Professional drivers crisscrossing the main centres everyday
  • Massive exposure of between 100 & 300 km per day
  • Smart GPS tracking technology to provide live visibility of where your brand is
  • A modern fleet of vehicles
  • Urgent Couriers successfully launched the service in Auckland, New Zealand in 2009. Upon talking to other courier operators in other centres around New Zealand and the world Urgent Couriers realized that idea has global appeal to courier operators and brand strategists alike.

    Hence Mobile AdVert is expanding by providing its technology and brand to other courier companies across the world. The vehicles and distance traveled may vary from city to city, however the value proposition is still very similar for the advertiser, great exposure, tracking and reporting for every campaign.